Optimize every click.   Save time.   Maximize income.

Use to create and manage your hyperlinks so you never have to go back and change the links you embed in your social media in the future. This is a HUGE time-saver in helping keep your work active, relevant and earning.

"I needed a quick, accurate way to track and manage affiliate links. Other tools seemed more complicated, pricey, overblown. I like simple, swift, secure, and straightforward the best, so I built that; you can use it, too."

Made for affiliate-marketing, iLnks are content-embeddable hyperlinks that may be updated at any time without need to modify any original content.

Tracking allows monitoring of clicks. Flood throttling prevents abuse and attacks that can disqualify affiliations. Conversions may be maximized by routing users per language, device, operating system, country, date/time, supplier choice; login-required/paywall, 2FA, CAPTCHA.

Out-of-stock product links; expired webpages; stale Buy-Now links -- these timesucks are reduced. Updates for new suppliers, options, fresh destinations are simplified.

Account is free. Use is free. Updates are free. Reporting is free. There is no start-up or monthly fee. Every 49 clicks are free; we substitute our referral code every 50th click -- this keeps your growing success our best interest. iLnks are cheaper, faster, smarter, cleverer (!). Questions?

How to Begin

1 Register.   2 Login.   3 Obtain.

Enter your desired final-destination URL (e.g.: link to an Amazon product page) into Obtain; then, copy/paste the resulting surrogate iLnk into your content.

That's it. iLnks are immediately live.

Problems with final destinations alert on the report page (and also via email). Update iLnks as desired. Use as many iLnks as desired. It's all fast, simple, nearly free.

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