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iLnk.     Optimize every click.     Save time.     Maximize income.

What, How, Why

Smart surrogate links send clicks to best destinations.

Create for free. Paste into original content once.

Update readily, without touching original content.

Alert when destinations go out-of-stock or die ("404").

Stymie malicious attacks, hungry bots, click storms.

How to Begin

Register then Obtain.


  • Stop Losing Commissions
        Add affiliate info once, we automatically apply it.
  • End Broken And Out-of-stock Links
        Never lose sleep wondering if a link is broken or a product is out of stock. We notify when fixes are needed.
  • Halt Abuse, Attacks That Disqualify Affiliations
        Destination links self-localize for international shoppers, ensuring every user gets to the right item in their local storefront and you get credit for those sales.
  • Give Choice In Purchasing
        Optional "Choice Links" let customers choose where to purchase.
  • Verify Performance
        Automatically route a percentage of your clicks to different destinations to compare landing page, storefront performance.
  • Boost Conversions, Commissions
        Maximize conversions by routing visitors per language, device, operating system, country, time.


  • self-localize: One link auto-targets best one from all Amazon stores
  • update invisibly: Embedded links never need editing
  • proactively (and configurably) stymie bots, abusive clicks
  • work flawlessly in all sites, blogs, videos, content systems
  • are 100% HTML, no javascript, no plugins, zero site slowdown
  • report out-of-stock or dead ("404") targets for quick fix
  • are all tracked, reported, managed together
  • allow choice of default targets -- preventing VPN misdirects
  • optionally present affiliate notices/disclaimers
  • optionally present multi-target pages
  • optionally split destinations for testing/optimization
  • optionally auto-failover 404 and OOS links to nearest valid
  • are extremely fast, reliable, secure
  • work immediately without payment

Brief Details

Register, Login, Obtain iLnks. Use as many iLnks as desired. Simply paste-in the URL of your desired final destination (e.g.: an Amazon product page) into the Obtain page; then, insert the resulting iLnk(s) into your blog posts, product reviews, etc.

iLnks are fully active immediately. Dead pages and out-of-stock product links alert on the report page (optionally also notify via email). iLnks may be updated at any time without need to find and modify any original content.

We offer fast, smart, reliable link redirection. There is no up-front or monthly fee. We take payment via tagging every 30th click; that way your success pays us, not money out-of-pocket.